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Open your MT4 Terminal and go to “Tools” –> “Options” –> “Expert Advisors”
Turn on the “Allow WebRequest for listed URL:” bracket and add the following URL:


Your MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider is now ready to use!
In the User Interface, you can customize all the messages.

Panel for sending messages and pictures

Our panel has a very cool ability to send messages directly from MT4 to Telegram.

You can also use emoticons other than those displayed on the panel.

To do this, take the code of any emoticon from this site and you can use it in the panel along with the text

Telegram Сhannel for Send test messege

You can use this channel  for understand how will be look your messege.  

This is a user guide on setting up the MT4/MT5 for Telegram Signal 

MT4 Available here:

The MT4/MT5 for Telegram Signal  is an easy-to-use, fully customizable utility that enables the sending of signals to Telegram, transforming your account into a signal provider. The format of the messages is fully customizable! However, for simple usage, you can also opt for a predefined template and enable or disable specific parts of the message.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is recommended to guarantee a consistent 24/7 signal service.


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