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Typical Traders VS Wise Traders


Typical traders, like everyone else, engage in trading activities on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or even for longer periods. Regardless of whether they win or lose, what they consistently accumulate is the total lot size they traded on their account. Imagine trading for three months and accumulating a total of 60 lot sizes without receiving any additional benefits.

This is where wise traders distinguish themselves. They know how to maximize their income by taking advantage of opportunities that provide them with additional benefits, such as receiving rebates based on their traded lot size. Consider two traders who both traded for three months and accumulated 60 lot sizes. They both earn the same amount from their trades, but the wise trader also receives a rebate of $7 per lot size for a standard account or $4 per lot size for an Ultra Low account.

So, if 60 lot sizes are equivalent to $420 for a standard account or $240 for an Ultra Low account, and both traders earn $500 in three months, the wise trader’s total earnings would be $500 plus either $420 or $240, depending on the account used. This effectively increases their income just by trading as they normally would. The example image and video illustrates this concept.

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