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Trade Dashboard: Economic Calendar

By leveraging the economic calendar feature directly on the chart, you can effortlessly stay updated on market news and make informed trading decisions based on upcoming events. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating external websites or constantly switching screens to monitor news updates.

Open News Calendar by pressing “N” button on the top of the dashboard. When the News window is opened, you will be notified with the following message.

You should copy the URL and then go to Tools > Option from the MT top menu.

In the Options window, under “Expert Advisors”, you’ll find “Allow WebRequest for listed URLs”. You should check this option and enter or paste the news URL in the box.

When you do that, you should again open News window and news is automatically loaded to the chart. If the news window is already open, press on reound arrow icon to update news list.

  1. Eye-shaped button: if you click on the eye shaped button, the candle corresponding to that news is marked on the chart, so that you know on what candle exactly that news is comming and might impact the market.

    As you can see “Consumer Credit (Dec)” news is marked on the chart with an orange line indicating that this news is Medium impact, and “Initial Jobless Claim” is shown on the chart with a red line indicating this news is an important evet.

  2. Interact with Each News Item: By clicking on each news row, you’ll open a customizable box. From there, you can choose to ‘Close All,’ ‘Play Sound,’ receive a ‘Screen Alert,’ enable a ‘Push Notification,’ or take a ‘Screenshot’ before or after the corresponding news event.

This setting empowers you to close or delete all of your positions and orders before important news events. Moreover, it can provide notifications prior to news releases, enabling you to prepare and take optimal actions before or after the news breaks.

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