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Implementation of Smart money set-up using the News impact indicator

    Smart money setup:
    News impact :

  1.     Selection of trading session (Europe, America, Asia) and trading time. The beginning and end of trading sessions are indicated by labels on the chart.
  2.     Taking into account the context of important news. Determine for yourself the time interval before the news release and after during which it is not necessary to open transactions. The indicator displays the current values Before and After the news in minutes.
  3.     Keep in mind the news impact index. This index as a percentage shows the expected direction of the rate, taking into account all published news for a given time interval. It is desirable that this direction corresponds to the actual trend direction on the higher timeframe shown on the trend panel.
  4.     Expect the beginning of the formation of a Block Order (or an Imbalance) according to the trend indicator: The directions of the actual movement on the lower and higher timeframes should become opposite
  5.     Open a position in the direction of the trend of the higher timeframe. Set Stop loss and Take profit according to the context of the chart

Have a good trade to everyone!


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