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For the RSI OverBought OverSold EA  MT4/MT5 my current recommendation is to trade only these set files EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD ,USDCAD with specific settings

You can find the RSI OverBought OverSold EA  MT4/ MT5 set files, along with detailed instructions and advice at the bottom of this guide.

Note: Though this uses grid/hedge system , it does not risk too much. The backtesting is done with account step up method. Means as we make the profit we raise the lot size gradually. This ensures that we calculating the drawdown always with respect to avaialble balance. Also only use specific set file for the mentioned symbols. If you do not select proper set file it could be dangerous for your account. All the set files are optimized for 5 min time frame.It does not open too much grid trades on sudden big movement,hence makes account less risky.  We have different higher timeframe Moving average filter to determine the trend of the first trade. Also this has combinations of 3 different RSI strategies

We will categorize our backtesting into 3 categories 

  • PURE STOPLOSS AND TAKEPROFIT based where no risky technique like martingale will be applied

I am providing GRID BASED backtests for now 

rsi overbought oversold USDCAD set 2 sharable

Ea-RSIOverBoughtOverSold-Optimized-USDCAD-M5-BAL1K-TD01012019to150222024-PF7.8k-BDD7-EDD22-v1.0 Ea-RSIOverBoughtOverSold-Optimized-AUDUSD-M5-BAL1K-TD01012019to150222024-PF16k-BDD4.5-EDD15-v2.0 Ea-RSIOverBoughtOverSold-Optimized-AUDUSD-M5-BAL1K-TD01012019to150222024-PF16k-BDD4.5-EDD16-v1.0 Ea-RSIOverBoughtOverSold-Optimized-USDJPY-M5-BAL1K-TD01012019to150222024-PF6k-BDD2.5-EDD15.5-v2.0 Ea-RSIOverBoughtOverSold-Optimized-EURUSD-M5-BAL1K-TD01012019to150222024-PF17k-BDD18-EDD23-v2.0 Ea-RSIOverBoughtOverSold-Optimized-GBPUSD-M5-BAL1K-TD01012019to150222024-PF15k-BDD6-EDD18-v1.0


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