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We appreciate every comment from members. Because it can represent several members who also experienced the same thing. Especially for new members who join who only focus on finding “free” product downloads without reading the descriptions. 

Representing a seller on 

Hopefully they will be more humble & in the future they will not leave careless and selfish comments to us as product makers. 

The explanation is as follows:

As an additional piece of information, as a seller like us, we can only upload one file for each item code on For related products like indicators and expert advisors, they need to be separated into different item codes. The same applies to different indicators, so it requires sophisticated algorithms to display 8 pairs, 8 timeframes, 8 shadows, and Reversal code on a single screen with just one file.

We appreciate our clients who have purchased/rented through the “buy 1 get 2 free” promotion, and this product is one of them. There are other products included in the “buy 1 get 2 free” offer. Due to the interdependence of these products with paid products, their functions may not work optimally without being connected.

However, we highly value the members who have downloaded it with the intact “free” product functionality compared to downloading a “free demo” for paid products. We still allow the “free” products to be activated repeatedly when you need their information.

In addition, we broadcast on Twitch “CryptoForexGPT” and have a Telegram channel for all professional and beginner traders. There is even a “jackpot secret” that you can get for free as proof for the “show us the money” slogan.

[The secret clue is to find the info in the image on the “Chart_GPT” product and the proof in the “comments” column]

Some suggest running alongside the main product’s “Chart_GPT” indicator, downloading from its “free demo”, but we can’t be sure as it depends on permissions. And to be honest, we wouldn’t download our own product “free demo” from, including filling in positive “reviews” from our own team. Let the product run naturally without chasing the stars under the title.

Some of the products included in the “buy 1 get 2 free” package


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