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We came together with this idea and started working on the first Expert in the Range Series: RangeMAX.

Our sole aim creating RangeMAX is so that we can spend lesser time on charts, and more time with our loved ones (or doing the things that we love). We believe you would want the same too!

In a nutshell, RangeMAX utilizes a very straight forward and sound trading strategy based on Supply and Demand, Moving Averages and Crossovers — a trading strategy used by thousands of consistently profitable traders all around the world!

We ran many tests with RangeMAX, and trust us, we didn’t even bother with Optimization, cause we feel, that’s quite deceiving — fine-tuning settings to match a certain market condition in a given period. Since RangeMAX is based on a time-proven and sound strategy, we don’t have to “Optimize” it, it trades on literally any pair.

Among some of the highlights RangeMAX promotes: RangeMAX works on small accounts, $1,000 is decent, it is consistent, it is intelligent analyzing market entries and exits, yes you do not not need to set absurd Take Profits, and RangeMAX has a lot more to offer.

We have been trading live with RangeMAX and the performance has been… AMAZING! Check out the images attached below:


Get your copy of RangeMAX via the links below:


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