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🤖💹 Introducing Zenith Zone Trading Robot: FTMO Challenge Conquered in Just 4 Days!

Are you ready to witness the power of automation in trading? Meet my revolutionary trading robot that effortlessly passed the $10,000 swing account FTMO challenge in an astonishingly short span of 4 trading days! 📈

   1. **Zenith Zone EA MT5:** [Link to MT5 version] (click here)

   2. **Zenith Zone EA MT4:** [Link to MT4 version] (click here)

Trading Objectives vs. Results:

  • Minimum 2 Trading Days: Passed in just 4 days, showcasing consistency and reliability.
  • Max Daily Loss -$500: Crushed the challenge with a final result of just -$46.71 (-0.46%).
  • Max Loss -$1,000: Surpassed expectations with a final result of -$13.74 (-0.13%).
  • Profit Target $500: Exceeded the profit target, achieving a remarkable $508.83 (5.08%) profit.

Key Trading Statistics:

  • Equity: $10,508.83 – Starting from $10,000, our robot boosted the account to new heights.
  • Average Profit: A staggering $175.11 per trade, showcasing the robot’s ability to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Balance: Remained steady at $10,508.83, demonstrating consistency in performance.
  • Average Loss: Minimal at -$5.50, showcasing effective risk management.
  • Number of Trades: 6 trades executed with precision and efficiency.
  • Average Risk-Reward Ratio (RRR): Impressive at 31.86, indicating favorable risk management strategies.
  • Lots: Utilized at 0.97, optimizing position sizing for optimal returns.
  • Expectancy: A remarkable $84.81, highlighting the expected return per trade.
  • Win Rate: A solid 50.00%, indicating a balanced approach to winning trades.
  • Profit Factor: Exceptional at 31.86, showcasing the profitability of the trading strategy.
  • Sharpe Ratio: A commendable 0.66, indicating consistent returns adjusted for risk.

With such remarkable performance metrics, our trading robot stands as a testament to the power of automation in the financial markets. Say goodbye to manual trading woes and embrace the future of trading with our cutting-edge technology! 🚀

Ready to revolutionize your trading journey? Get in touch with us today to experience the magic of our trading robot firsthand! 💼📊


   1. **Zenith Zone EA MT5:** [Link to MT5 version] (click here)

   2. **Zenith Zone EA MT4:** [Link to MT4 version] (click here)

   3. **Forex Fusion Insights Channel:** [Link to My Channel] (click here)

   4. **MQL5 Profile:** [Link to My MQL5 Profile] (click here)

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