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Buttons and fields with background in gray color are currently inactive


Panel hide/unhide


Expert operation enabled/disabled


Automated trading in conjunction with indicators (21) for the pivot order and (3) for grid positions enable/disable


Order entry options for the pivot (= 1st order) ‘BB’: Bollinger Bands, ‘MA’: EMA 7/20 cross, ‘IN’: Instant entry, ‘1’ (‘5’,’15’): Bollinger Bands selected Timeframe, ‘RS’: RSI.

Any combination of those indicators is possible


Same as (21), but for the second and following orders if grid option is enabled.
NEW BUTTON from V1.85 on: Switch order lines between default parallel channel mode and ZigZag pattern of the latest 4 ZigZag points to recognize and trade patterns like channels, triangles wedges,…


Switches Trading time between preset Trading time, 24/7 and operate open positions only  


Shows daily profit and traded lots as well as current server  time


Pending orders block: Set any combination of virtual limit-/stop-orders as well as one cancels the other and bracket order mode. With the upper right button the orderliness become activated to place or market positions if touched. Those lines can become set in any variation, like support, resistance, triangle, channel or any other pattern


If order lines are set, this button enables/disables moving the lines with the current price in the preset distance. Its very useful for scalping setups before important news are published. I the moment where the new are actually become published and the activation button becomes pressed, immediately the order lines prices become fixed


Switches order lines between ray right mode and section mode


If enabled in grid mode: Counts the open positions and multiplies them with the preset lot size for the next position accordingly to the multiply factor preset in the parameters list


Canceling of all pending order lines settings as well as no confirmed buy or sell commands


Preset of pivot (=1st) order and grid order(s)


Sets the capital risk % depending on preset stop loss and account capital


Preset of stop loss and button to switch between real stop loss and hedging


Button to select the take profit style.


List of available profit styles: ST: Static, uses presets in (15), SCDN: Scal down, SCUP: Scal up, FIFO: First in, first out, BULK: Closes all position if pivot profit is reached, BBDS: If Bollinger Band is crossed and the pivot profit preset is reached. All profit styles start virtual take profit trailing if the price advance further after reaching pivot profit preset


Button to display/hide panel page (14a)


Presets for profit trailing start of pivot order and grid order(s)


Minimum distance between grid positions before opening the next position. If filters [refer to (3) and (21)] are activated, the distance become larger if the filters conditions are not yet met at the current entry level


Preset of maximum to open positions in total and maximum of grid positions


Select take profit mode: Percentual, Exponential, Static distance, take profit disabled


Instant buy/sell; After pressing one of the buttons, for security, a confirm button appears. To cancel the action, press button (10)


Informs about the selected profit style, preset max. spread/current spread and count of open positions and their total lot size


Preset for percentual and exponential trailing mode sets minimum/maximum of take profit while trailing


Preset for break even take profit. If ‘B/E Entry’ = 0, break even take profit is disabled and the default take profit setup is utilized


‘Min.Trail’ defines the lowest possible distance to the price during trailing profit, ‘Min.Scale’ is the lowest possible distance to the price during scaling type profit styles


Preset distance for the virtual order lines


Trade history period for (29)


Displays the history data of the period (28)


List of hotkeys (active only if the current chart is selected)


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