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Osmosis is an advanced data driven automated trading robot which uses dynamic price differential algorithm and market volume to trade retracement on Gold (XAUUSD) . The price differential algorithm identifies various possible prices of execution, simultaneously pends and modifies orders until it gets the best possible price of execution. This makes the EA to use a flexible and dynamic execution conditions which depends on price action unlike other regular trading robots that use fix entry conditions to trade the highly volatile forex market. It incorporates hard stop loss to cut losses, reference take profit and trailing stop which are dynamic to secure profit depending on the price action. There is strategic internal volatility filter, news filter which prevents EA from executing trades during high impact news, news panel showing the upcoming high impact news and spread control input which enables the EA to achieve the desired results. 

The promotional price is only 299.99 USD and price will increase by 100 USD after every 10 purchases. There will be a price cap of 999.99 USD to make it affordable for many retail traders.

Please send me a message with the screenshot of your purchase for guidance on installation and to get the correct set files for your trading

How to back test Osmosis

Download the EA on your Metatrader 5 market place and select a deposit of 1000, custom date from 2020.01.01 to 2023.09.30, then select Every tick and a Leverage 1:500. Please also download the set files from the comment section which has also been setup for easy testing and run the test with or without visualisation to observe how the EA works and see your detailed results.


Go to Tools/Options and check “Allow web request for listed URL”. Then add the link:


  • Trading Platform: MetaTrader 5.
  • Timeframe: M1.
  • Minimum Balance: 100 USD.
  • Trading Pairs: GOLD (XAUUSD).
  • Account Type: Hedge;  ECN, Raw or Razor with tight spreads and commissions.
  • Broker: Fusion Markets or any ECN broker with  very low spreads and commissions.
  • Risk: Maximum of 2% per trade . 

 Features of Osmosis

  • No martingale, grid, double lot, averaging, and dangerous strategies.
  • Suitable for your PROP Firm accounts.
  • FIFO standards.
  • Rides the Retracements.
  • Hard stop loss and advanced dynamic take profit.
  • Carefully and correctly programmed.
  • Easy to install; set files are provided on the comment section.

Use Reference TakeProfit: Must be set true to enable EA take more profit than the TP value during favourable market condition.
Trading Time “0” is Disable: Set the trading time based on your country to filter out high spread during market overlap.
LotSize (Fix): Fixed lot size and will not increase.
Risk Compounding (%) “0” is Disable: This is the auto lot and EA will increment lot size as account size increases.
Maximum Lot Size Allowed “0” is Disable: Maximum lot size restriction to manage risk.
TakeProfit “0” is Disable: Take profit which is overridden by Reference TakeProfit under certain favourable market condition.
StopLoss “0” is Disable: Hard Stop Loss to exit losing trades.
Maximum Spread “0” is Disable: Spread filter to prevent EA from executing trades during high Spread.
Slippage: Slippage Filter to ensure broker exits the trade when Stop Loss is hit.
Order Comment: EA prints the name on all orders and can be changed by user.
Magic Number: Unique Identifier of the EA and can be changed by user.
Price 1: Is the price at which order is Pend.
Standard Price Differential: Price differential that determines when an order should be pend.
Price 2: Price at which a pending order is modified.
Use Trailing Stop: Set true to use trailing stop.
Trailing Start: Number of points for Trailing to activate.
Trailing Step: Number of points Stop Loss steps to protect a profit trade.
Stop Trading Before News [minutes]  Time EA stops trading before high impact news
Start Trading After News  [minutes]: Time EA starts trading after high impact news

Contact and Feedbacks:

Please send me a message with the screenshot of your purchase for guidance on installation, to get the correct set files for your trading and I will respond promptly.

Things to Note:
Risk management is an integral aspect of trading with Osmosis and it is advised to used the set files provided after your purchase.
After your purchase, run on a demo account first for at least a month to understand how Osmosis works and see results before using on a live account.
For higher risk trading, please ensure you contact me for guidance and risk recommendation. 

Osmosis is a hard stop loss EA and will lose trades as well as win trades. Some months may close in loss.


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