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Make more money by knowing less

There’s a difference between…

Knowing how to trade and trading with profitable returns.

I hear a lot of people who say “knowledge is power”.

They don’t realize that knowing more stuff doesn’t make you a better trader.

On the opposite, it can actually make you a worse trader.

You’re watching the market waiting to catch a trade from what you’ve learned.

And when the trade shows up, you second-guess yourself…

There’s that head & shoulder pattern on the left side of your screen.

It could go against your trade… so you decide it’s not worth risking it.

A couple of hours later…

You realize you just missed the best trade of the month.

Price went up in a straight line, candle after candle.

And you, once again, talked yourself out of a good trade.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen this happen.

But what about the guy that never heard head & shoulder patterns…

Do you think he’d second-guess himself? Probably not.

What about the other guy who trusts his strategy and has a lot of data to back it up…

Do you think he’d skip on his setup because of a “possible” loss?

Hell no! He’d take the trade no matter what.

This is the point you start getting profitable in trading…

When you’ve got an edge you trust and get into trades… even if you spot something that could go against them.

I know it takes time to get there.

But you definitely can.

Find something worth trading over the long term.

Then stick your head in the sand and ignore everything else.


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