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–> Magic Box is a practical and intuitive assistant for high performance in Trading <–

Magic Box Assistant Interface

Three Lines of Control that move in six unique ways.

Automatic anchoring of Lines in OHLC candle prices.

Automatic calculation of Volume, Risk and Return.

Break Even function, Goal marking, Time Frame Zoom Control and more




Turns Operation Risk Return Calculation on and off.

“0-9” “X”

Insert a Specific Return Risk to be used.


Toggles the Volume calculation between Risk or Return.

“0-9” “V” 

Inserts a Specific Fixed Volume to be used.


Hides and shows Control Lines. Pressing twice quickly Restarts\Resets the Magic Box Assistant Lines.


Switch between the six movement modes of the Entry, Stop and Take Lines.
There are three modes with Return Risk On and Three with Return Risk Off.


Accesses the Entry Line. Move it between the candles with the arrows.

“0-9” “E”

Inserts the entered value in points into the Entry Line.


Access the Stop Line. Switches between Technical Stop and Financial Stop. Move it between the candles with the arrows.

“0-9” “S”

Inserts the entered value in points on the Stop Line.


Access the Take Line.

“0-9” “T”

Inserts the entered value in points on the Take Line.


Marking an Objective Target. Mark a Target with Entry, Stop and Take on the chart.


Hides Target Markings from the Screen. Pressing twice quickly deletes the same lines from the screen.


Accesses the Break Even trigger points. Pressing “B” again accesses the points that will be placed in the output order.
Switch points using the up and down arrows.


Turns the Fixed Zoom on and off, or Fixed Scale of the Graph.

“1-5” “F”

Access the Fibonacci graphic objects, named FIELD, FIELD2, FIELD3, FIELD4 and FIELD5 respectively.
Once accessed, it is possible to anchor the object to a specific candle by clicking on this candle. Holding the Shift key during the click moves the object to the candle during anchoring.


Save the template in use with the name MagicBoxSave.tpl


Clears what the user typed on the keyboard before executing a command.

“<-” “->”

Moves the anchor to the next or previous candle. Or Switch between the Time Windows of the graph in use.

Arrow Up or Down

Moves the previously selected line up or down on the graph. Also used to change Break Even point values.

“I” + ”I”

Press “I”, and then press “I” to enter the Operation!


Disables all Selections. Lines, Fields or Break Even Selections.


Move the selected Lines or Field with mouse click.


Toggle between Percentage or Points view.


Turns On or Off the automatic Line and Field Anchoring on Candle.


Moves the Entry Line to the last closed Candle.


Moves the Entry Line to the open, forming candle.


Turns on Market Entry, disabling the Entry Line.

In MT5 “Tools -> Options -> Charts”, you must set: Enable dragging of trade levels with ‘Alt’ key.


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