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One of my biggest realizations over the past 5 years is:

It’s okay to be different from everyone else in trading.

It’s a lesson that took me a long time to learn…

I remember 6 years ago when I didn’t have any strategy to trade. My first thought was always to go online and see what someone else was doing.

I remember thinking: “I just need to find something someone else smarter than me created… so I can just do that and trade profitably.”

I’d usually pick a strategy I found online.

But only last a couple of weeks doing that, until my overconfidence over the strategy made me get into wayyy too many trades!

Then I’d be like “well this strategy s*cks” and I’d be back on square 1 again.

No need to say, I was waiting for that “holy grail strategy” to show up.

But that wasn’t the biggest problem of all! You see, my biggest issue was falling for what I call “a way of using fancy trading tools”.

Examples of those could be support and resistance areas, candlestick patterns, Fibonacci, the RSI, etc.

Because I had learned everywhere about those tools, I believed I had to use them in my strategy to become profitable.

Not only that, but I forced myself to use these tools in a specific way I was thought before.

For years I heard: Buy when the RSI is oversold, sell when it’s overbought. Turns out I could make more money the other way around.

I was also taught to draw all support and resistance zones on my chart to not miss any.

Turns out that made me confused & missing trades – I had to create my own approach for zones.

My point here is this: don’t be afraid to do things differently from everybody else.

It’s actually a good thing.

You got to create your trading strategy according to your personality and your beliefs.

Only then you’ll be comfortable, and you’ll realize it’s actually easier when you’re in line with your plan.

Speaking of which…

I’m guiding a few people through creating, validating, and improving their own trading methodology so they can get profitable this year.

If you want help creating your own profitable trading strategy, shoot me a message at my FB page below with the word “different” and I’ll get you the details:


Keep crushing it 💪 📈

~ Etienne Crete

P.S. if you don’t have Facebook, send me an email by clicking here with the subject saying “different” 🙂


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