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Harmony EA is not just another advisor! This is an intelligent neural network created for successful trading in financial markets. Our advisor is based on advanced deep learning algorithms, allowing it to analyze a variety of data and identify the best trading strategies. With Harmony neural network, you get access to powerful market analysis that helps you make profitable trades with a high probability.

If you’ve been trading Forex for a long time, you’ve probably come across the notion that the more people use a certain advisor or strategy, the lower the profits. Unfortunately, this is true. However, we offer a unique opportunity that will change the way you think about this issue.

To guarantee the stability of profits from our trading robot, we introduce a limit on the number of potential buyers. Each day the advisor’s price will increase by $1, providing exclusive access to our innovative strategy to only a limited number of investors. A limited number of users ensures the safety and effectiveness of our strategy over time.

The starting price of the robot is $200.  Price after 365 days (in a year) 200$ + $365= $565.

I have invested over three years in developing and improving this algorithm. Thanks to extensive backtesting over the last 10 years, we guarantee low drawdowns and high win rates, allowing you to trade successfully with confidence.

We have provided a built-in autolot feature that allows you to optimize risk management and maximize profits. Our trading system itself controls the volume of transactions, based on the current situation on the market.

No complicated settings! My trading robot simplifies trading by providing automated decisions based on a deep understanding of the market.


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