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FundedNext is a leading prop trading firm that stands out from the competition with its innovative approach to funding and profit sharing. With a focus on creating a comfortable trading environment, FundedNext offers two distinct funding models that cater to different trading styles. This article explores FundedNext’s exceptional features, including its profit-sharing scheme, no time limits on challenges, balance-based drawdown calculations, and competitive trading conditions.

  1. FundedNext’s Profit-Sharing Advantage:

FundedNext differentiates itself by offering an impressive 15% profit sharing from the profit generated during the challenge phases. This generous profit-sharing model is designed to motivate and reward top traders, ensuring that they receive the best payout bonuses in the industry. Traders can earn a substantial share of their profits, aligning FundedNext’s success with their own.

  1. No Time Limits, More Peace of Mind:

Gone are the days of trading under the pressure of tight deadlines. FundedNext sets itself apart by providing traders with the freedom to trade without time limits during its funding challenges. This unique feature allows traders to focus on their strategies and make well-informed decisions without the anxiety of meeting arbitrary deadlines. With FundedNext, traders can enjoy a stress-free trading experience.

  1. Balance-Based Drawdown Calculation:

FundedNext employs a balance-based drawdown calculation system, setting it apart as the most reliable prop trading firm in the industry. Unlike other firms that consider equity for drawdown calculation, FundedNext calculates the maximum daily drawdown based on your balance. This ensures a fair assessment of risk and further strengthens FundedNext’s commitment to reliability and transparency.

  1. Raw Spreads and Lowest Commissions:

Traders at FundedNext enjoy the advantage of trading with raw spreads, including Swap Free accounts, to optimize their trading conditions. With a focus on delivering the best prop trading environment, FundedNext also offers the lowest commissions in the industry. Traders benefit from competitive rates, with $3 per round lot on FX Pairs & Commodities and a remarkable $0 per round lot on Indices. These favorable conditions enhance profitability and trading efficiency.

  1. FundedNext’s Funding Models:

FundedNext understands that every trader is unique, and that’s why it provides two distinct funding models to suit different trading styles:

a. Funding Model-1: Evaluation

The Evaluation model assesses traders’ skills through two phases, aiming to hit a realistic profit target. Traders begin with an impressive 80% profit share upon receiving the FundedNext funded account after achieving the target. Based on their trading skills, traders can increase their profit share up to an exceptional 90%.

b. Funding Model-2: Express

Designed for expert traders, the Express model allows them to pursue ambitious profit targets without any time limitations. Upon achieving the target, traders start trading on FundedNext’s funded account with a 60% profit share. Successful performance can lead to an increase in profit share, potentially reaching up to 90%.

FundedNext sets a new standard in the prop trading industry with its unique funding models and exceptional benefits. Traders can enjoy the advantages of profit sharing, no time limits on challenges, balance-based drawdown calculations, and competitive trading conditions. With FundedNext, traders have the opportunity to maximize their profitability and achieve their trading goals. Whether you’re an aspiring trader looking for funding or an experienced trader seeking better trading conditions, FundedNext offers a world-class prop trading experience.


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