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Today, I will tell you how to set up your desktop, the terminal, and our EAs on the VPS from METAQUOTES.

Dedicated VPS server from the company MetaQuotes MQL VPS

The advantage of this server is that everything is done automatically.
It provides the server that is closest to your broker’s server.
For this, we have a minimum time of execution of orders, as well as increase the speed of quotations.

Until recently, we could not recommend installing our scalper on the VPS,
There were many reasons: Our scalper has a very high frequency and requires a great deal of the data packet from the server in the form of quotations.
But we were surprised to find that some customers set up our adviser on this server and got good results.

In recent years, we spent most of the trading code optimization and reduced the load on the operating system.
Also, we made several improvements to our advisors’ charts.
Therefore, we can say that the speed of execution of the algorithm has increased many times …

Today, I’ll show you a versatile way to install our experts on this server.
I will show you how to migrate graphics and terminals.
Change experts configure and synchronize the new parameters.


I’m not here to paint all the advantages of trading advisors on a VPS server because it is evident:

  1. Speed ​​of execution orders and quotes Incoming (In the case of the VPS MetaQuotes)
  2. Easy using trading robots
  3. 24-hour service forex advisors

There are several articles on the VPS by MetaQuotes on the official website:

  1. Why do you need a VPS?
  2. Why is our solution – the best VPS for Forex?
  3. How does the VPS
  4. FOREX VPS free for 24 hours
  5. Available tariffs for MetaTrader VPS
  6. How quickly will they be repaid due to better performance?

The new version of VPS from MetaQuotes in MetaTrader 5

Since 2021, MetaQuotes has redesigned its connection to the VPS.

Only the design has changed!

Preparing charts:

Set Expert advisors on the chart and customize them.

Click the VPS tab, select Tariff plan to automatically renew, and select the method of payment:

After that, we select the migration method:

Upon successful connection and Migration, you will see your desktop:

To view the log files, you can click on the logs, select a date, and download the logs to your computer:


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