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I posted this on Friday but ICYMI, Federal Reserve Chair Powell recorded an interview on Thursday with US TV show 60 minutes. He was questioned on inflation risks and the economy, the timeline for cutting rates, and more.

The interview will air at 7pm US Eastern time, which is midnight (0000) GMT.

Asia FX will be trading when the interview airs, it’ll be

  • 11am in Sydney,
  • 9 am in Tokyo,
  • and 8 am in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Globex will be open for the Sunday evening session.

I doubt there will be anything much to surprise us, Powell spoke on Wednesday and was clear on no March rate cut. However, there could well be something in what he says to move markets around and keep at least the scalpers happy.

Like I said, the interview was recorded Thursday, prior to the bombshell jobs report, but, did Powell know the number?

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