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The European Union is considering implementing trade barriers against roughly 24 companies. This includes three from China. The curbs would be levied for alleged assistance in Russia’s military actions in Ukraine.

Should these measures be accepted, it would mark the first instance of the EU targeting firms within mainland China with restrictions since the onset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The draft proposal, which Bloomberg had access to, reveals that the list encompasses entities from Hong Kong, Serbia, India, and Turkey.

The proposed sanctions aim to prevent European companies from conducting business with those identified, as a strategy to thwart Russia’s acquisition of embargoed goods via intermediaries in third countries. Although the EU had previously contemplated imposing sanctions on various Chinese companies, such plans were abandoned due to opposition from certain member states and assurances from Beijing.

Posting this ICYMI.

LOL, “assurances from Beijing”. I hope they were written on toilet paper so at least they served some purpose.


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