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Hi, hope you have a good start this year.

Currently I have 3 new EAs that I have just launched.

Leap of faith GOLD, Gold Wizard and Golden Shine, all EA One Shot types, no grid and no martingale. The 3 EAs have almost the same way of working, namely using pending stops at high and low, the difference is in RR.

Leap of Faith Gold has a better RR than Gold Wizard. Gold Wizard has a wide stoploss but has higher winning trades. While the best RR is Golden Shine, Golden Shine is a scalper type, with small takeprofit and small stoploss.

If you want an EA with a reasonable RR you should choose Golden Shine, Leap Of Faith Gold as the second choice and Golden Wizard as the third choice.

But if you want an EA with a high winning trade rate, I highly recommend Gold Wizard, with a note not to use a Start deposit that is too high.


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