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Dear colleagues,I would like to share with you a new development in the field of Forex trading, which involves the use of neural networks and artificial intelligence. The advisor is called AI NeuroX EA. There is no need to fear or blindly trust the term “artificial intelligence”. It is important to approach this issue more attentively and understand what artificial intelligence represents, as it can be integrated into a trading advisor. Artificial intelligence is not a universal solution, a “money-making button”, or something supernatural. It is a tool that provides recommendations based on available data, and we can draw our own conclusions and program the advisor to automatically perform certain actions based on these recommendations. It is important to understand that artificial intelligence is not a supernatural mind and that an advisor based on it can still make mistakes. For those who approach this issue correctly, there is no doubt that neural networks and artificial intelligence can be useful in Forex trading.

After purchase the EA, please follow the steps below to set up the EA correctly.

First, before adding adding the EA to the Chart, please open your Metatrader, navigate to “Tools -> “Options” and click to “Expert Advisors“.

Please activate “Allow WebRequest for listed URL” and add following URLs:

  8. https://www.

(delete spaces on Nr. 8)


What’s new with my advisor?

The AI NeuroX EA advisor, in addition to using GPT-4, has also started to leverage the data from the top-notch Perplexity AI platform. Perplexity is capable of providing accurate and informative answers to a wide range of questions on various topics. One of the platform’s notable features is its ability to compile information from various sources to form responses, making it useful for obtaining information from diverse sources. Perplexity can answer various types of questions, including factual questions, explanatory questions, and information retrieval, making it a valuable tool for developing trading strategies for the AI NeuroX EA advisor.


The AI NeuroX EA is an innovative trading system that leverages advanced artificial intelligence technologies. By integrating with Perplexity and GPT-4, this intelligent advisor is able to analyze large volumes of data, identify complex patterns in financial markets, and make well-informed trading decisions. The EA combines price action patterns and analysis with its neural network to anticipate trading outcomes, ensuring increased reliability without the need for constant supervision. This integration provides a unique competitive advantage in the financial markets, opening up new possibilities for successful trading. The use of AI and neural networks in marketing activities has been a growing trend, demonstrating the potential of such technologies in various business domains. The collaboration between AI NeuroX EA, Perplexity, and GPT-4 exemplifies the cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence in the field of trading, offering enhanced precision and profitability.

The main advantage of AI NeuroX EA is its real-time data analysis capability, which, when combined with the ChatGPT platform, can have a tremendous impact on trading. Unlike Perplexity, ChatGPT cannot access real-time Forex Factory data. Therefore, the ability to use two AI trading platforms simultaneously is a unique feature not available elsewhere in the market.

The use of AI in trading, particularly in the Forex market, has gained significant attention in recent years. AI-based trading systems, such as NeuroX EA, leverage advanced algorithms to analyze market data and make trading decisions in real time. When combined with natural language processing platforms like ChatGPT, these systems can provide unique insights and potentially improve trading outcomes.


AI NeuroX EA is a new trading advisor that uses GPT-4 and Perplexity in its trading strategy. The advisor has a well-defined trading algorithm consisting of various strategies, similar to AI Meta EA. However, AI NeuroX EA processes a large amount of data and makes requests to all platforms it is connected to when it detects a specific position and enters a trade. This allows for a more accurate response to the question of which direction and at what price to open a trade. It is important to note that AI is not a panacea and can make mistakes, but in this case, we get a more accurate answer to our query. The AI NeuroX EA advisor processes a huge amount of data, draws prospective trades on its chart, and helps with trading and trade implementation. All of this is included in the new cult advisor AI NeuroX EA.


As we all know, OpenAI is constantly improving its capabilities, and with these advancements, the potential of our advisor grows. I am also integrating the updated version of ChatGPT and informing you about it in my Telegram channel. Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is a very powerful tool for data analysis, which excels in handling the tasks we set for it.



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