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Hello traders,

Today I spotted two trading setups. My first setup was in CADJPY M5. It was a well-formed Supply Zone that was formed in compliance with Bearish Trendline.

I decided to place two positions on this setup. So i clicked on the Zone Label and i created two Sell Market Orders. The first TP was at 1:1 RR and the second profit target

was a bit higher than 1:1 RR, almost at 2:1 RR. Finally price dropped and both of TP Targets were reachedCheck the photos below to see the trade i took and the outcome.

My second setup was on GOLD M1. I usually do not trade M1 but sometimes GOLD is an exception, because there is a volatile pair. I spotted a Nested Demand Zone that i really liked.

I decided to click the Zone Label next to the Demand Zone and create a Buy Limit Order. After some minutes price dropped and Buy Limit Order was triggered.

Finally price rallied and TP Target was reached. Check the photos below to see the trade i took and the outcome.


On the photo below, you can see my Daily Results. I spotted two trading setups in total, and I placed three positions. My day ended up with amazing Profits.

Below when you can see my daily results. I hope all of you had an amazing trading day.

If you enjoy my trading style and you would like to take your trading to the next level

i am offering “Mentorship Program” . Please send me an email in case you are interested.



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