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You Don't Need To Trade Everyday To Make A Living Trading

In episode 422 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we will be listening to the recording of an interview with technical trader Chris Vermeulen and they talk about why you don’t need to trade every day to make a living from trading. How important is capital preservation? How do you define the waves in the market?

The video is also available for you to watch on YouTube.

>> Watch the video recording!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:43 Who is Chris Vermeulen
  • 04:05 Becoming a consistently profitable trader
  • 07:22 What’s Chris’ trading style?
  • 11:03 Looking at price to decide on what to trade
  • 14:41 Defining the “waves” in the market
  • 15:51 Understanding the asset hierarchy
  • 19:41 When to hold a position or take profits
  • 21:34 The CGS: “Consistent Growth Strategy”
  • 21:12 Focusing on the long-term instead of taking a lot of trades
  • 23:38 Tips on risk management
  • 26:52 How to find out when to move to reversal mode
  • 28:21 Chris’ advice to traders on taking risks and following your system
  • 33:12 Where to find Chris Vermeulen (link below)
  • and much more

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