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10 Tips To Pass A Prop Firm Challenge

In episode 419 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, we will be listening to the recording of an interview with Michael Toma, and they talk about 10 tips on how to pass a prop firm challenge. Becoming a 4-million-dollar fund manager didn’t happen overnight. Hear it straight from a profitable trader.

The video is also available for you to watch on YouTube.

>> Watch the video recording!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • 00:15 Introduction
  • 00:44 Michael Toma’s background as a fund manager
  • 01:52 Trading for a prop firm is a job
  • 03:20 Passing prop firm challenges
  • 04:48 Time limits with prop firms
  • 05:35 On traders who do not follow the rules
  • 06:41 Handling expectations
  • 07:50 “Be a specialist at one or two things”
  • 09:22 Respecting the market
  • 11:57 Thinking bigger to grow as a trader
  • 13:02 How to build a career in trading
  • 14:02 Common mistakes among traders preparing for the prop firm challenge
  • 15:26 What does it take to become a profitable prop firm trader?
  • 16:30 Learn more about Michael Toma’s Prop course on (link below)
  • and much more

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