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386: Full-Time Forex Trader With Automated Strategies - Alejandro Perez

In episode 386 of the Desire To Trade Podcast,  we will be listening to the recording of an interview with Alejandro Perez, a full-time forex trader with automated strategies. It’s been a while since Etienne did an in-person interview with Alejandro. If you’re curious or have been doing algo trading, you’ll absolutely learn a lot from this interview.

The video is also available for you to watch on YouTube.

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>> Watch the video recording!

Topics Covered In This Episode

  • 00:15 Who is Alejandro Perez?
  • 02:56 Alejandro’s experience in terms of flexibility with algo trading
  • 04:35 Learn coding yourself or get a coder?
  • 07:04 What can be coded and what cannot be coded?
  • 09:24 Is there such a thing as a “perfect algo”?
  • 11:16 The algo-trading mindset
  • 13:29 Alejandro’s simplified rule in algo management
  • 16:18 True or false: “Algos are scams”
  • 19:12 Algo trading pitfalls
  • 20:51 How to manage risk in algos
  • 23:22 How to find the right settings
  • 27:27 BONUS CONTENT (link below)
  • 27:54 How much room Alejandro leaves for losses
  • 29:56 Important tip from Alejandro (DON’T MISS THIS)
  • 31:27 Quick answers, quick hacks in trading – do they really work?
  • 32:53 What’s up next for Alejandro?
  • 35:19 Algos we use (check link below)
  • and much more

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