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How To Trade Volatile Markets Like A Pro – Ukraine War & More!

In episode 346 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I am joined by Michael Toma to discuss how to trade markets like a pro when volatility is high. You’ll get to see our thought process for entering trades in the Forex market when price moves quickly to start to get choppy & unpredictable.

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Topics Covered In This Episode

  • 0:15 Introduction
  • 0:55 Should you stay out of Volatile Markets?
  • 2:38 How to determine what market you should trade
  • 3:57 Should you pay attention to the news when trading?
  • 5:50 What type of strategies work better for volatile markets
  • 7:23 What is Michael Toma’s preferred trading strategy
  • 12:20 Should you close trades early in a Prop Firm evaluation?
  • 15:07 Should you take prop firm evaluations to learn to trade?
  • 18:03 How can you actually have great risk management as a trader

Community questions:

  • 23:17 Q: Does Michael trade only Long or Short in volatile markets?
  • 27:43 Q: Does Michael Toma Offer training?
  • 30:16 Q: How do you remain objective while trading? What is your routine to maintain the mindset? and how much is mindset important for you after method and risk management?
  • 34:29 Q: Out of interest’s sake. Can you share your average win rate and reward to risk ratio? Its interesting know-how pros compare to me the average trader.
  • 38:33 Q: Do you do position trading? What is your take on it?
  • 40:07 Q: Do you use the 1min T.F combined with 5m & 15m or do you use Higher T.F’s?
  • 45:17 Q: You guys are living from trading… but I have fear what will gonna happen if this trading will not work out the same as now.. how to overcome that fear?
  • 52:32 Q: What’s your opinion on using futures as an indicator for trading individual stocks?
  • 53:55 Q: What is the most important thing I need to know before getting into Trading as a career?
  • 57:24 Q: Hi Ettien, my question is regarding Bollinger Bands reversal strategy. The markets are trending a lot currently. Have you been finding it hard to find trade opportunities? (Screenshare)
  • 1:00:00 Q: I have been trading for about a year and a half now but I still struggle with consistency what can I do to improve my trading?
  • 1:03:19 Where to find Michael Toma
  • and much more

What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast? Leave a comment below, or join me in the Facebook group!

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What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast episode? Leave a comment below, or join me in the Facebook group!



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