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Looking for the best way to Invest in forex or recover your losses? The XAUUSD OpenEA TradeGPT EA Pro will make profits for you on Auto. Think About +80% profit trades in matter of months.

Gold is one of the best out of all forex trading pairs, you know why? It generally performs well during global crises. Gold generally benefits at the expense of other assets during turbulent times. Gold is one of the most traded commodities in the forex market due to its pronounced role in both worlds of investment and consumer. Its just like you are trading gold in real life. Most gold traders end in profits.

By Choosing to trade and invest in XAUUSD, then we have been able to streamline our trading so as to move closer to more accurate trading decisions as we are familiar to the pattern and movement of this currency pair.

OpenEA TradeGPT EA Pro is an automated and easy to use expert advisor that has the Stochastic indicator working in combination with RSI and MACD filters built in. We have spent a lot of time testing many expert advisors e.g. Bonnitta EA, XT EurUsd EA, PipFinite EA, Alise EA, Zeus EA, EA Gold Stuff, The Most Wanted EA etc. After years of testing and development, the result is an dynamic EA that is very active with trades and capital management. Our product is also fully compatible with PipFinite Trend Indicator PRO as well. The system has been designed for trading with the popular symbol EURUSD and XAUUSD, based on well knowed SIRR and GoldMaster cores, combining the best of each strategy.

Our product has been updated to be a progressive EA based on OpenAI ChatGPT technology (artificial intelligence able to analyze data and write code in different programming languages like C++ or MQL4/5). One of the the main disadvantage of humans when writing trading algorithms is the inability to comprehend thousands of quotes, levels and indicator values in order to make the right conclusions. We stromgly believe that we may have found a solution by applying the developments of OpenAI to solve the “human problem”.

Signal example:

The EA has dynamic sell loss and take profit control integrated, and hedging capabilities. Please use a different magic number on each pair to avoid order issues. Also, please check the max spread limit number to avoid entering trades during high spread sessions. If you want the setting files to test different configurations, please check our blogs.


  • Trading range with multi layer and timeframe trend check
  • (only open trades if is the price is inside of a certain price range)
  • Market panic and stress detector (manages the capital by preventing losses when the market gets in panic)
  • Wrong trades management engine (low performance trades detection)
  • Smart order price (it waits for the target price, spread and fluctuations for opening a new order)
  • Smart order open (it waits for the right moment for opening a new order)
  • Smart order update (auto update sell loss and take profit for low performance orders)
  • Smart order close (many checks verifications before closing an order)
  • Smart hedging (auto open a hedging position if necessary to minimize the risk of ruin – can be turned)
  • Smart use of stop loss on every trade
  • Spread filter to avoid trading during bad market conditions
  • Slippage control algorithm, to avoid bigger losses during heavy slippage
  • Fully automatic mode, with adjustable entries

If you have any questions please let us know w/o hesitation!

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